100+ Years

Vision & mission


Our mission is "To lead the financial revolution and empower the faceless many." 

We're a passionate team who has learned from big wins and tough losses that blockchain technology, NFTs, and Web3 present a once in a
generation opportunity to rewrite our financial futures—if done right!

So, we’ve leveraged our experience as marketers, sales experts, consultants, playwrights, teachers, and more to build the three core tenets of Faceless Labs: Consulting, Education, and our robust NFT ecosystem.


Rising Up #19: DIY Web3 Marketplaces for NFT Projects & the Metaverse with NFTify and Monark Market

Online Community + podcast


Before we were Faceless Labs, we were Faceless Crypto—an online community dedicated to free education around crypto, defi, blockchain gaming, the metaverse, NFTs and more. Today we still host the Faceless Crypto Discord community as well as the Rising Up podcast.

Everything we do is about helping everyday people leverage the power of blockchain technology to "Rise Up" and rewrite their financial future.
what we've built

NFT Ecosystem

It all started with The Faceless Many—8064 randomly generated NFTs built on Elrond Network. They represent the hero in each of us — common people united in the extraordinary effort to write a new financial future.

From there we launched partner projects with fellow builders in the space and introduced the Allies collections. Next was our villain project— the Corrupted— which introduced the first NFT strategy game on Elrond with gamified trait rarity where users could opt to reveal their NFT's metadata traits or keep them hidden.

Finally, we acquired the Elrond Ducks and continue to lead them.

All in a bear market.
Faceless Labs NFTs


After the Rivening, the Faceless Many sought out their Allies to help them confront a mysterious evil that would come to be known as XÆ13XES and his Corrupted AI legion.

There are 4 Allies: the dragon, the wizard, the duck and the phoenix. Of each, there are four tiers: Warrior, Champion, Hero, and Titan, each with different abilities and artwork. Champions and heroes both earn $REVP for holders, and all tiers have untold utility in the battles that lie ahead.


The Elrond Ducks are a true OG NFT collection of Elrond. They are 5,000 ducks living in a community-driven organization. They like to have fun, play games, do giveaways, and even have their own animated show! Buy a duck and join the best NFT community on Elrond Network!

Our NFT Communities

Our NFT Communities

faceless many discord image link
elrond ducks discord image link

To play the hero with your Faceless Many NFT or the villain with your Corrupted NFT, join the Faceless Many Discord (left).
If you want to be a part of the most OG community on Elrond network, join the Ducks (right) and say "Quack!"

Faceless Team

Faceless Team


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