The Faceless Many

The Faceless Many is a collection of 8064 randomly generated NFTs built on Elrond Network. They represent the hero in each of us — common people united in the extraordinary effort to write a new financial future. Holding a Faceless Many NFT earns you $REVP (revPoints), which can be used to purchase virtually anything — from NFTs and presale spots to merch, EGLD prizes, and physical items. That’s why we call it a 5–in-1 NFT.

The Corrupted

The Corrupted is a collection of 4032 AI-generated soldiers of darkness created in the likeness of The Faceless Many for one purpose — to destroy the Faceless Many and restore balance. Holding a Corrupted NFT lets you unlock traits (and thus, rarity) for your Corrupted NFTs and partake in the Syndicate Games, a high stakes strategy game that rewards only the best and brightest.

The Allies

After the Rivening, the Faceless Many sought out their Allies to help them confront a mysterious evil that would come to be known as XÆ13XES and his Corrupted AI legion.

There are 4 Allies: the dragon, the wizard, the duck and the phoenix. Of each, there are four tiers: Warrior, Champion, Hero, and Titan, each with different abilities and artwork. Champions and heroes both earn $REVP for holders, and all tiers have untold utility in the battles that lie ahead.

Elrond Ducks

The Elrond Ducks are a true OG NFT collection of Elrond. We’re 5,000 ducks living in a community-driven organization. We like to have fun, play games, do giveaways, and even have our own animated show! Buy a duck and join the best NFT community on Elrond Network!